STHM 4398 Lecture 3: Sephora Hotel

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Sephora Hotel & Spa Budget Planning
For our company, we wanted to make sure that we didn’t want to spend too much
money considering it are just starting out. For the year one budget, we planned on spending
the same amount on what we started on which was $45,500 on available rooms. We wanted to
make sure that we spend that much because we wanted to play it safe. With the occupancy, we
wanted to spend a little more to make sure that if we did lose any money, we would still be
able to be in good shape so we put $25,000 on the year one budget. We wanted to aim for
$1,200,000 for the Room Revenue. On our Year One actual, we didn’t do too bad for the rooms
that were available. We did gain with both available rooms and occupied rooms as well with the
Room Revenue. Our hotel did gain some potential which is what we hoped for and we were
busy towards the summer. For our Office Payroll Budget, we wanted to make sure that our
employees were a little more so for front office we put down $200,000, housekeeping
$255,500, and other $150,000. In our Actual Year One, we were a little short staff during the
summer due to being slow and employees taking off for vacations. For our Actual Year One, we
only got $160,000 for front office, $230,000 for housekeeping and $135,000 for other.
However, we actually did better because we collected $1,475,000 in our actual than in our
budget we only collected $594,500.
With our Food Revenue, we put down $800,000 as a reasonable amount and the cost of
the food for $330,000. For our Budget revenue we put down $300,000 and for the cost we put
down $140,000 and the total cost for the F&B Payroll $250,000. As for Actual, everything was
mostly the same except for our Food Revenue, we lost only $20,000 and gained a little bit
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