STHM 1311 Ch. 14 Lecture Notes

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Tourism & Hospitality Management
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STHM 1311
Dr.Wes Roehl

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1. Objectives a. Understand the major segments of the travel market based on travel  purpose b. Discuss factors that influence these segments 2. Classifications of Travelers a. Business i. Primary activities 1. Consultations 2. Conventions 3. Inspections ii. Secondary activities 1. Dining out 2. Recreation 3. Shopping 4. Sightseeing 5. VFR b. VFR (Visiting friends or relatives) i. Primary activities 1. Socializing 2. Dining in 3. Home entertainment ii. Secondary activities 1. Dining out 2. Physical recreation 3. Shopping 4. Sightseeing 5. Urban entertainment c. Other Personal Business i. Primary activities 1. Shopping  2. Visiting lawyer 3. Medical ii. Secondary activities 1. Dining out 2. VFR d. Pleasure i. Primary activities 1. Recreation 2. Sightseeing 3. Dining out ii. Secondary activities 1. VFR 2. Convention 3. Business 4. Shopping 3. Differences in Tourist Behavior a. Business tourist i. Does not choose destination ii. Travels frequently iii. Shorter in duration iv. Short planning period v. Les budget conscious vi. Experienced, demanding 1. Higher expectations of quality and service b. Leisure tourist i. Nearly always choose destination ii. Travels in frequently iii. Longer in duration iv. Medium planning period v. Cost­conscious vi. Less experienced, less demanding 4. Characteristics of Business Travel a. Travel Mode i. First class ii. Business iii. Economy b. Travel distance i. 85% within their own regions c. What we know i. More time­sensitive ii. Experiences iii. High demand in service iv. Spend more v. Stay at hotels vi. Non­discretionary vii. Use internet for info search viii. Travel agent for reservation ix. Can be stressful d. Business subgroups i. Regular business travel ii. Meetings, conventions, and congresses (European convention) 1. Includes association conventions, other association  meetings, corporate meetings, and congresses 2. Important site selection factors include quality of hotels and  presence of adequate meeting facilities 3. The most popular convention sites in US: a. LA, San Diego, San Fran, New Orleans, Orlando,  DC, Chicago, Boston, San Antonio, Seattle, Atlanta i. Some because the places are generally nice  to visit and some are because of adequate  facilities 4. Facts a. Most popular month: September b. Organizing: May­Oct. c. Most common type: Annual meetings d. Average length: 2.08 days (2005) e. Number of participants: 651 iii. Incentive travel 1. Use
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