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Lecture 8

Philosophy PHIL 1320 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Jim Crow Laws, Implicit Stereotype, Literacy Test

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Philosophy PHIL 1320
Jonathan Surovell

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Alexander’s New Jim Crow Theory
Theory of Mass Incarceration
Ethics and Society
Why are so many blacks and Latinos incarcerated in the USA?
Do our justice and penal systems treat the accused?
Racism in American History
- Pattern in American history
- Racism was introduced by the elite to pin black slaves and
white “slaves” against each other when the revoluted against
- Jim crow laws legal required for all business to segregate
based on color, along side with the KKK and lynching
- Laws may change, but new ones are put in place to essentially
do the same thing, today's is the criminal justice system
preventing people from voting. Before it was unequal access to
education due to segregation (literacy tests, very difficult).
Before that it was the KKK. and before that it was because they
were slaves.
Incarceration in USA
- “Tough on crime” rhetoric, the war on drugs, and mass incarceration
- Heroin = blacks
- Weed = latinos/hippies
- Cocaine? = rich (white) - i mean not really, police didn’t care
about them
- 380 whites per 100,000 imprisoned
- 966 latinos per 100,000 imprisoned
- 2207 blacks per 100,000 imprisoned
Implicit bias and structural racism
- Spread by the news
- 25 percent of black people have implicit bias towards other black
people (didn’t know that)
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