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Lecture 9

Philosophy PHIL 1320 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Economic Mobility

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Philosophy PHIL 1320
Jonathan Surovell

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Kymlicka on Equal Opportunity and
Redistribution of Wealth
Ethics and Society
The term Redistribution of wealth is taboo in politics.
Many seem to think that it has to do with welfare and encourage
people to become lazy and not get jobs.
Most of the world except that redistribution of wealth is a given
the US has the fourth lowest intergenerational economic mobility
>The “prevailing view of equal opportunity” is that an inequality is
unjust/unfair unless it results from fair competition.
>Your outcome in life should be determined by your choices, not by your
social circumstances, like class, sex, race, etc.
>More generally: We should minimize inequalities that are the result of
brute luck.
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