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Lecture 6

Philosophy PHIL 1320 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: De Facto

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Philosophy PHIL 1320
Jonathan Surovell

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Garcia’s Analysis of Racism
Ethics and Society
>Prejudice and Racism are separated according to Cole
>Racism comes with a context of oppression
>Racial prejudice is not as harmful, as it lacks the context
There are two kinds of racism
>Belief-based (traditional)
- Ex. All Muslims are terrorists (Muslims are not a race)
- “A doctrine that one race is superior” (Garcia 1996, 5)
>Structural / systemic
- “A society is racist if and only if some races have “unjustly gained
economic and political power” within it”
>Racism against race R is a negative attitude towards people of race R
(on account of their belonging to race R)
- Examples of negative attitudes: disliking, resenting, hating, etc.
- (Not belief- or structure-based!)
- What about the “belief” that one race is superior to another?
- Isn’t this a belief and a negative attitude?
- Can you have a “racist” belief without have a negative attitude
towards that particular race?
- “White man can’t jump”
- Negative attitudes influence your beliefs
- Ex. a non-racist, that believes that that their are distinct average
IQ differences between races.
- We should judge individuals on the average traits of their
races/group they belong to.
>Advantages of Garcia’s Definition
- It “fits common sense and ordinary usage” (Garcia 1996, 8)
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