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Texas State University
Psychology PSY 3315
David Carpenter

Video – from class – women with Mult. Personalities? - There are no real specific guidelines for what they should do, just what they think is best - A LOT of leeway as what is Therapy - Woman – dragon – the they were “talking” to the dragon - Woman in well- said this is something that happened to her - Sisters – depression at most, what happened to marsha o Ok? o Not MPD, but maybe alcoholic depression o Didn’t ask sister about open grave or well, being hung upside down  * teacher says he doesn’t buy it,  What she feels rather than facts o Ran out of building/ meeting – say they didn’t do it, why should they be punished for what “Johny” did o Token economy: behave mod/ you don’t change rule midstream  Broke rules – they should be knocked down  Problem – they argued their way out  Token economy – means if they do something wrong they get knocked down a level o They climbed up in the tree  Ropes – trust type therapy  “she jumped out of tree and left her guilt behind” • Not really that simple…. More of a figurative  They were holding her and rocking her – that there is therapy • Abuse = violates trust o Anxiety d/o  Critizim about treatment – drug therapy – benzodiazapiem • Foot note zanac can be used PRN for panic attacks • Medications can not cure anxiety d/o • You observed some therapies that do o Exposure therapy o Systematic desensitation  Woman riding elevator o OCD – not considered anxiety d/o  Excess activity in frontal lobe because there is a whole lot of thinking and worrying • ( biological observation) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ Conversion – belive they have d/o Malingering – fakes, cheating to get unemployment Factitious D/o- Munchhausen (by proxie – done to child) Munchhausen by proxie – mother causes problems and then takes to er (she’s is making child sick.. give them epicac – to induce vomiting) Cause child to be ill – gastic pain/ nausea Mother seems to be wonderfull mom because she is so concerned ICU – with survalence Mother was injecting air into childs veins Munchhausen – to make them self sick IE woman who started starving her self to get her co workers to think she really had breast cancer Enrolled in cancer support group as if she really had cancer Wasn’t for personal gain – wanted sympathy Found out woman had been faking ( not malingering b/c not for monetary gain.. more pathological) Personality D/o listed on axis 2 - personality d/o • Rather stigmatizing • Problem : who I am – result of personality  If you going to have a healthy personality what traits might you have? • Positive /desireable o Responsible/reliable o Care for others o Honest- ppl can trust you and what you say o Out going – capt. To make friends  Do you think that a good trait is flexibility • A person who has the ability to go with flow  In society if they are ridged – see life in black and white • Not a admired trait  Problem w/ppl with personality d/o • Is that they are ridged and can not change • They have difficulty in life o Maladaptive o Causes conflicts in their lives- difficulty maintain stability • Axis 1 – chief clinical d/o …. Cruising along in life and developed bipolar, cocain dependence, Stability – underlying way of being that might be chage able Ridigity and stability no the same thing Clusters of personality d/o Groups) you might assume b and c are similar to schizophrenic but there are axis 2, not one 1- Odd and eccentric a. Paranoid – an irrational fear that has gone overboard i. Person obsessed with conspiracy therorys 1. Fbi is hacking computer 2. Really obsessed with it ,beyond what normal ppl would be 3. Their obsession is their , following me around, tapping my computer 4. Not like to have done well about to have to worry about such thing 5. Unless drug dealer or gun dealer 6. Dons’t lend to healthy realtionships a. You don’t want to be around too long b. Becomes weird guy you don’t want to be around c. Doesn’t seek out therapy ii. Sound like something schizophrenics exist b. Schizoid i. 40 y/o lives in parents house and mother set up job for him mowing grass ii. Not delusion iii. Appears with drawn iv. Blunted affect 1. Affect –emotional expression 2. Affect is flat v. Like hermit c. Schizotypal i. A schizophrenic type ii. Rather bizzar in behaviors iii. Affect – wild iv. Dancing around and acting silly or get very angry easily v. Thinking: magical thinking 1. Pretty odd by most standards a. Geralod Rivera – Charles Mansion interview b. Followers still in the news even though in the 60’s c. He had a swastika tattoo and long hair i. He says govt is out to get him ii. And says he can put an invisible force field around him 1. Either big b/s 2. Belives that he can do this 3. Acting in rather outrageous fashion iii. Not paranoid schizophrenic, social – yes not feeling for
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