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Recreation REC 1310
Jessica Dupree

Federal Govt Land management Charaistics st 1. 1 formerly recognized agency with responsibility to provide recreational services 2. Need to protect land and provide for ppl 3. Non – profit share responsibilities 4. Tax based – changed to privatization a lot of money comes from her and fees are also charged for ppl to use federal areas 5. Major resp – for the natural resources 6. Obligated to serve public – usefull and constructive programs a. b/c our tax money is paying to do this ( to serve us) Role 1. nps, beauru land management – operate land and facilities 2. conservation and resource reclamation conservation – proper use of nature a. mining timbering … resource reclamation – mining … to get resources grants to states and local govt to make parks and provide rec program funded through federal grants 1. opening park a. Her’s what we do with the mone (fed don’t manage) 2. Mwr a. Va hospital b. National parks c. Military rec 3. To provide to money a. Afterschool program b. Michelle OB – decreasing obesity programs 4. Aid professional edu a. Fed govt can provide to instutions that teach rec like texas states so sometimes we can get fed grants 5. Points out how rec can increase money ia tourism a. Not just national parks $ to i. Fed govt. $ to small rural areas to increase tourism ii. Run an ad campagine iii. Build conference center iv. Native americans 1. Build casino b. Research and tech assistance i. Federal lvl – wild life conserve, resource mgmt. c. Regulation and standards i. Pass laws ii. Pass standards 1. Pollution control 2. Ada architechure d. 7 agiences i. Nps ii. Us forest iii. Blm iv. Fish wild life v. Army core vi. Tv e. Falls under dept of the interior NPS i. Since 1916 ii. Yellowstone f. 1 – nationally preserved are (fed govt. set aside) i. Hot springs Arkansas g. National parks bring in a lot of money i. Huge draw from all over world ii. Biger – Yellowstone, big bend … busses of tourist fm china h. Visted the most often i. Called crown jewels of the park system 1. You have to wait in long line… 2. Like grand canyon 3. Glass floor in g.c. i. 35 mil a day spent i. Concessions ii. Suviners iii. Entry fees iv. Camping j. Govt shut down i. Cost a lot of money, b/c ppl were not out doing the upkeep on parks ii. Local areas lost tourism ( towns around national parks) iii. Major economic impact 1. Tax rev. k. Preservation, public use and mandates i. Balance of keeping everyone happy ii. Preserve – some areas off use iii. Public iv. Mandates l. California – growing a lot of pot in preserved areas i. Really dangerous b/c people protecting the areas with guns ii. Cost fed govt a lot of money to go in an clean that up m. National parks system i. Multiple areas 1. National parks a. 53? 2. National milt park 3. Wilderness 4. Monument 5. Rec sites 6. Historic site 7. Trails ii. 10,000 ppl hike app trail every year n. Us forest service i. Department of ag 1. Primary : conservation a. Using nature properly b. Resource mgm i. Can mgm a lot of overlap coverage ii. Have some different rules iii. Us Forest – huge areas of land 1. Us forest land you can pull your car over and camp anywhere you want 2. You can stay in the same spot up to 13 days a. You could live in the forest in a car or camper b. Fun-employment c. So huge you could get way out in forest and find hermits 3. Big diff a. Forest svc does does cut down trees b. Grow trees c. Open grazing d. mining i. Cattle sheep lamas can graze ii. Forest and praries Threats 1. Forest fires a. Some are controlled fires b. Isolated areas hard to control 2. Invasive species a. Animal or plant brought in 3. Development 4. 4-wheelers… tear up land BLM Bureau of land management a. Western-based b. Dept of interior A lot of over lap? Why not make one agency? Paying lots of ppl to do same job a. Jobs b. Agencys overhaul would be very difficult BLM Multiple use agency Used for recreation Timber and mining PRIMARY – RECREATION Agua Fria National Monument Table 8.4 in book… Bureau of reclamation a. Hover dam b. Mostly western us c. Pri: water resource development d. Promted irrigation and power orgionally and shift to recreation a. Have boating camping hiking fishing hunting e. Multi use – hunting Us army cops of engineers
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