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Texas State University
Recreation REC 1310
Jessica Dupree

Programing – event planning class- 10 week class over the summer • Can take now that ldr is completed Friday the 7 - field work mtg a210 @12 • Can do in summer or fall Mini intership, with agency in community 20 hrs a week (200hrs) Leadership – focus working with people ( working at summer camp) • Must be approved sites Thur 13 – agency fair 3-5 th Assignment #2 – due on the 25 of Feb • 1. Go out and participate in an activity you have never done before • 2. Evidence you have done it. o (picture out you doing the activity) 4 parts – ea 2 ½ pts , picture 2 ½ What motivated – book concept What beni’s Last part #4, you need to watch flow video – 20 min video Resources – flow video ws- flow watching guide (complete before you take assessment #5) • Parts of flow 1 – over spring break – Extra credit – assessment evaluation ( 11 assessments!!) drop lowest 3 types of organization Non profit, commercial and govt. ( the big 3) Accept money – city parks, boy scout ( non-scretarian), family entertainment centers ( private or comerical) Partnerships (selling out)? Softball with coke signs (partnerships) Fed gov. doesn’t manage state mandated parks Back to history Beatles Liberal 70’s - gas crises, water gate, springs in the 60’s (environmental push) A lot of ppl coming back from vietnam and citizens weren’t very happy with Vietnam A lot more hard looks at govt. and questioning what the govt was doing with their money Equal rts – more svc. For ppl with disabilitys Increase in travel Era Rehab act Edu for all handicapped children Bigger is better increased tax revenuses Increased commercial rec Consumer is right – do things for the customer Pivot of chage Pop culture – Picture of beach – surf sceen really takes off, skateboarding takes off ( doc called bones bridgade –early hist or skateboarding0 Punk sceen – sex pistols Disco rise – people going to dance, drugs are prevalent Reganomics -80’s Really starts to say were going to cut down on govt programs Start to see increase in privitaz of public services Entrepreneurialism –network, risk taker, start new bis People are trying to make money by taking biger risk Deregulation – govt. draw back, saying they don’t want to be involved and let the states regulate it A lot of citz think to much fed govt reg right now – hard to get new reg passed Emphasis on “me” I got to make money, I got to take care of me Elimination of fed mandatory retirement Cant discriminate b/c they are old Now older pop, retiring – southern migration (Snow birds) buying rv’s 90’s Social issues of cconcern Youth ast risk Cime Diversit
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