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Lecture 18

HIST 2300 Lecture 18: The Antebellum South

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HIST 2300
Brooke Bartosh

The Antebellum South Growth of Slavery Sugar plantations King Cotton Eli Whitneys Cotton Gin ProSlavery Arguments Paternalism Good for the South Good for the country Always a working class Better than the North Biologically inferior Revolutionary Generation o Sally Hemmings Christian Scripture Slave Owners and Poor Whites Poor Southern Whites o Wanted slaves because they showed power o No matter how poor a white person is they are always a step above a slave Class struggle Slaverys Brutalities The Whip (and other physical punishments) o Physical pain o Frequently arbitrary Extremely hard physical labor Task System o Given a set of tasks and when completed you were done for the day o Had some free time o Better than time system Time System o Had to work until a set time of day o No time off o Quota that slaves had to fill, if it wasnt met slave subject to punishment o Brutal Sexual Exploitation of Slave Women o Rape and molested by masters o Whites believed black women were more sexual aggressive o Jezebels o Mistresses take anger out on victim The Slave Market o When on auction block, not a human being but livestockchattel, naked o Owners looked at teeth Separation of Families Resistance to Slavery Blacks vastly outnumber whites in the South
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