SOC 1301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Medicalization, Ruling Class, Edwin Sutherland

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10 Nov 2016
Sociology Chapter 6 Notes: Deviance and Self Control
o It is ot the at itself, ut the reatios to the at, that ake soethig deiat
(Becker, 1966)
Talking about the Social Construction of Reality theory
o Devianceany violation of a social norm
Folkways, mores, taboos
Not universal
o Crimeviolation of rules that have been written into law.
Not universal (mores/taboos)
o We are ALL Deviants
Goffman and Stigma
o Stigma-characteristics that discredit people
o Violations in norms of appearance, ability, and involuntary memberships may all
result in stigmas
o “tiga’s a eoe a aster status for idiiduals
Very easy for them to become master status
Norms Make Social Life Possible
o 1. By making behavior predictable
o 2. Brings about social order-A groups customary social arrangements
o Social Controls-the formal and informal means of enforcing norms (sanctions)
o Sanctions-expressions of approval/disapproval for following/breaking norms
Competing Explanations of Deviance
o Sociobiology-look for predispositions
Males commit more violent crime
o Psychology-looks for personality disorders or abnormality within the individual
Subconscious desires to motivate
o Sociology-social experiences and influences
Sociological Perspectives explanation of Deviance: Symbolic Interactionism
o 1. Differential Association (Edwin Sutherland)
o The groups we associate with teach us to conform or deviate
Conforming to a group may result in deviance within society.
o Prisoners of socialization?
By joining one group rather than another (differential association), we
help to shape ourselves.
o 2. Control Theory
o The idea that two control systemsinner and outer controlswork against our
tendencies to deviate.
Inner controlsinternalized morality, integrity, fear of punishment,
religious principles, etc.
Bonds: attachments, commitments, beliefs
Outer controlspeople who influence us not to deviate
o Families, friends, police, reference groups, etc.
o People who have less effective controls deviate
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