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Lecture 3

NSG 4415 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Servant Leadership, Social Capital, Social Skills

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NSG 4415
Dr. Cleveland

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Monday, August 19, 2019
Chapter 3: 21st Century Thinking About Leadership
and Management
Factors Affecting Health-Care Trends:
Growing elderly population
Health-care reform
Reductions in reimbursements
New quality imperatives
New quality imperatives
Shift in focus of care to community setting
Technological advances
Shift to customer focused care
Qualities of a Nurse Manager:
Knowledgeable and skilled in nursing practices
Competent in all aspects of management
Excellent communicator
Effective team builder
Proactive in preparing for emerging new threats
Leader-Managers Repertoire for the 21st Century:
Strength-based leadership
Level 5 leadership
Servant leadership
Principal agent leadership
Human and social capital theory
Emotional intelligence and authentic leadership
Quantum and thought leadership
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