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Lecture 8

BIOL 221L Lecture 8: Download File

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anatomy-100ES (0 Just thC Structure/form ang on y1fICOLKIpinLsttnheintut urc ) form)IN'S stun .sciontific aiscipunc traf (nvestigatC) the DIN's structure mwouwscicr11fIC InvcJtigaTIOn 0f the Procewed or funcnoru of ivinance:sprryJIOldgy, rcuYOPhysiology, caraIovascular cx; ceti-Physiology, rcuornyS10100 y, cardiovascular lotgunswicrmal olga manian,「homcoJt combined in cuicnial survival tissue) 10 mare up Cells complex Organization ONth t doClopment merabolijm reproduction ァrCJ panJIVerZW 0 diffcreniGilan Chungcj fran gerora) to spCL1f1C @norPngoejis 기ranenn Shupe Of tissuu,0r9an t10meastaJ/J vauo or vari IOICA facular arand thC JC point 10010り113h a normal range Of vaiUCd Jet Alntー the ideal r ormal valull Of a variable CL: JCt point for body ↑tmp 13 q86.F FrdbaCK Syst rena*FUrPO5e:Ning rulk 10 Set point "No typed : rcaative t aisitive anIpancnts;にcep10Y-7 nunfon value Of KTne varLaat CffcciUY→ an change Inc valut Of T1C vanaru( csansc-producUJN tic Cttedor Chpt 34 Ondionny 0nd PINSIOlogy Epihicial tissuc t isjucs and nl)10100N tissuci ciassifilannij based on Stiururc of Cells compositin. Of ranccilular CXtra cellular matrix, and ccii funt10n 7 Epitcial →co native muycic tilS10100y:MC10SLODLJtudy Of 11NUO →bl0rry: rcrnoval Of HNUCU for a agrd fill PnpaJCA →autopsy: CXaminann 0f ixaans 104 a ocad-bang 10 - termine cauJC Of atoin OvtYYiCN-Epnhe)lum cciscovering CXtCY101 Jurfaced, lning internal Ciosta COVltic/ and Nbc4 0 tXO1CYtnvivonnant any wno lot inthe body lj lincdzy Cplthclidl tlJJiu liottl form turncr bCitvan you and tre outiaeNOn lurel barricr providing DYOiCCtNC ( na metable functuu for main10ining intindi, physiolo0ual pranetcrJ 狮clasitled acording 10 Inc arrangoront-and,srupt 0f-Cells squam0s:flat 3Classificaticry ytrJ CUDO \daにubed rn tcoulinars (olunu anatomy - 100ES ( 0 Just thC Structure /
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