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Lecture 14

CRMJ 352 Lecture 14: Class 14

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Criminal Justice
Course Code
CRMJ 352

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Monday, October 2, 2017 CRMJ 352 Class 14: - Probation Dispositions: • Probation without supervision • Probation under judgment - Stay entry of judgment - Qualifies for expungement • Execution of sentence suspended - 2 years Division of Correction - 2 years probation suspended - 4 ways of understanding Probation: • Sentencing option - Remain in community while serving sentence • Process - Suitability for sanction - Pre-sentence investigation (PSI) - Control in Community (Supervision) Subsystem of Corrections • - Probation - Prison - Parole (back end of a sentence) • Legal status - Distinguished the individual from the average citizen conditions - Supervised - Threat of prison Monday, October 2, 2017 - Exceptions to Parole: • 5 years with all but 2 years suspended - Gets 5 years but only has to do 2 years and can come out with probation - Probation time can also come if come out as parole - 5 examples of dispositions for judges to releas
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