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Criminal Justice
CRMJ 375
Shawn Craig

CRMJ 375 Chapter 1 Notes▯ ▯ • Metropolitan police act was established in 1829▯ • It was the first act that recognized the first structured police force▯ • It was established by Sir Robert Peel▯ • Established the London Police Force▯ • Philadelphia was the first established daylight place force▯ • They had a 33k grant▯ They mirrored the London Police force▯ • • Police forces were lacking detectives▯ • The first stab at detectives where the citizens▯ • Henry Fielding established the Bow Street Runners who apprehended criminals and recovered stolen property ▯ • They were the first british detectives▯ • Most widely recognized detective agency was Pinkerton▯ • Created by Allen Pinkerton▯ • Their slogan was “We Never Sleep” which gave rise to use of the term “Private Eye”▯ • Chicago created the first Criminal Investigations Bureau ▯ • Rogues Gallery: first rudimentary attempt to have mugshot database in new york. It was a book of all the criminals mug shots.▯ • Mulberry Street Morning Parade: at 9am they took everyone arrested the night before and parade them in front of the detectives ▯ • 1865 Crongress created the US Secret Service▯ • They were created because of counterfeit money▯ • In 1903 when President McKinley was assassinated the Secret Servic
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