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Lecture 11

CRMJ 352 Lecture 11: Class 11Premium

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Criminal Justice
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CRMJ 352

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Monday, September 25, 2017
CRMJ 352
Class 11:!
-Pre-trial release:!
-Types of bail:!
-They release 80% recognizance rate and 89% return rate on non-financial
bail release!
-What do we want to happen to person pre-trial once they are released:!
That they come back for the trial!
-Bail is bias towards those who cannot aord it!
-Estimated that around a million people !
-Dates that need to know for midterm (particularly on matching area):!
1967 - Justice Reinvestment Act!
1960 Manhattan Bail Project!
-Vera Institute of Justice — promoted the project!
-Result of this project:!
Release on own recognizance!
-To do a risk assessment essentially!
-Used to determine the stability of own’s background!
Determined by a questionnaire!
Result/outcome determines if person can be released on own
-Do they have a sponsor in community to ensure that person will return to
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