DFST 430 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Morse Code, Neurolinguistics, Pragmatics

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What is language?
Rule-governed communication systems
How do humans communicate / share info?
Does ASL have rules?
Without rules cannot communicate thoughts and ideas with others
Are all languages communication systems? YES
Are all communication systems languages? NO
Language used by humans; can talk/sign
Talk have voice
Sign have hands
Do animals use language?
Only communicate via mimics, songs, copy
Cannot talk due to anatomy
What is communication? - A process by which information is exchanged between individuals through
common system of symbols, signs, or behavior
Examples of communication systems Morse code, Semaphores, What bees, dolphins, non-human
primates use, SEE I, SEE II
Communication System
A “shared system” known to sender and receiver
Has certain rulesfor its use has meaning
Examples: Morse code, Semaphore, traffic signals, symbols
A way to “exchange information” between parties
Use different modalities (speak, sign, write, draw)
Why study language?
Become conscious / aware about language
Be capable of understanding our language better
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