GEOG 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Global Governance, Anthropocene, The Second Half

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Geography 2/1/17
o Geo- world or Earth
o Graphy- graphing or writing and description
- 3 different approaches:
o Social Sciences
o Physical Sciences
o Humanities
- Geography- The study of special patterns, it is also about how human and natural
harateristis spread aross the Earth’s surfae… geographial studies egi ith knowing
where places are and where certain events take place- Earths landscapes, people, places and
o Localization
o Globalization
- Why does geography matter?
o It matters because it is specific in looking at where places provide the settings for
people’s dail lies. Plaes ad regios are highl iterdepedet, eah plaig
specialized roles in complex networks of interaction and change. Interdependence
between geographical scales are provided by the relationship between the global and
the local.
- FILM: map creating
o Conical, cylindrical, plane
o Map projections-
Robinson- most famous of the 20th century- satellite photographs
Mercator- Gerhardus camer (1569)- this is a new and enlarged description of the
world for transportation use
Peters map- create a map that was fair to all people
Leonard Gulke- Toroto etered ap, eat…
Fullers dymaxian map- fuller
find more resources at
find more resources at
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