GEOG 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Sub-Saharan Africa, Cultural Assimilation, Lingua Franca

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Chapter Seven
Sub-Saharan Africa
Major Geographic Qualities
Plateau continent no major mountain range
Culturally rich hundreds of ethnic groups
Majority farmers
Rich in raw material with heavy reliance in primary activities
Famous for wildlife (safari tourism), many species threatened
Largest refugee population on Earth
Government mismanagement and poor leadership is a colonial
Rifts & Rivers
No mountain backbone
Great Lakes and Rift Valleys
o Created by tectonic forces
o Steep-sided, linear valleys
Unusual river courses
o Inland and coastal deltas
o Major waterfalls and cataracts
Plateau continent
o Limited coastal plains
o Margins marked by escarpment
1/5 of Earth’s land
continental dryness in north and south
subtropical High-Pressure Belt produces arid conditions
Access to water is serious continental problem
Natural Environments
Climatic regions distributed symmetrically about the equator
Due to Africa’s shape, dry continental climates exist
Moving north or south from the Congo Basin, dry seasons grow longer
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