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Lecture 12

HLTH 101 Lecture 12: Weekly Activites

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Towson University
Health Science
HLTH 101
Krish Vaidya

JOURNAL Week 1 (March 25 March 31): To start off this project I realized that I would need to count my calories. Without counting calories, I really did not know what how much of food items I was eating. Once I started counting my calories, not only did I understand how many calories are in foods that I actually believed were healthy, but I did not snack as much, in that I would feel guilty writing down so much junk food. I went to the gym everyday, and tracked how many calories I burned in the hour that I would work out. The range was anywhere from 500700 calories in an hour. I felt good about myself just starting out, as I was eating less and working out more. I would try and sleep a lot at night as this would be good for my health, however this was one of my struggles. Another struggle at night was snacking. Although I snacked at night which was not good, I would count this into my calories. These were usually the calories that would make me go over the regular intake of what I should have been eating. I felt okay about myself though, because I was counting overall which made me eat less, and I was working out and doing cardio which cancelled out some of the calories I ended up eating at night. After this week, I want to get more strict with the amount of calories I eat, in order to try and lose equal or a little bit more weight this next upcoming week. Week 2 (April 1 April 7): I had quick results, by losing about a pound and a half in the first week of my behavior change project starting. I believed a big part of why I lost weight was because of me tracking the calories and actually knowing what I ate. Although I was working out a lot, I believe that actually consuming less food ended up helping. I continued eating less and working out more, as this week I was able to lose another pound and a half. So far since I started tracking this all, I cut out chips and most of my late night snacking which allowed me to lose weight fast. It was hard when my roommate and friends ate junk food around me because I have a big sweet tooth for food like this. At times that they ate junk food and I wanted some, I would eat but make sure it was proportioned out and that I still was able to track it in my calorie counter app in order to make sure I was losing weight rather than gaining. At times that I ate something junk food, I would eat less at a meal or eliminate a snack. It ended up all evening out in the end, resulting in the weight loss at the end of the week. Week 3 (April 8 April 14):
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