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Lecture 12

HLTH 101 Lecture 12: antecendaents chart

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Towson University
Health Science
HLTH 101
Krish Vaidya

Antecedents Behavior Consequences Day 1 Was in Dining hall Put more food on my Felt too full and if all and saw all the food plate than I needed to the working out I did available in order to become full was not worth it Decided to get a snack Saw roommate Ate more calories eating even though I had just during lunch than I recently eaten lunch wanted to. I am so hungry and I Went and got myself a need a snack right Regretted getting the snack right after dinner now. where I had just eaten snack and feeling fat enough to feel full before sleeping Day 2 Ate breakfast Decided to eat a Ended up being more believing I was not granola bar to be hungry because my body responded to going to make it filling through my first class me getting food and I of the day then wanted more Ended up eating a cookie even though I Saw friends eating Started craving would not have something sweet cookies in the dining needed it if I did not hall see my friends eating it Thought it would I always think that I Went to see what ice cream flavor was in taste good and once I need to end my salty the machine got a small amount I food meal with ended up getting something sweet. seconds I was tired Took a nap Ended up taking a nap during Day 3 the time I should have been at the gym Saw my friends going Ended up going with that was unnecessary calories out at night them Ended up going to the gym I have no motivation Layed in bed until but eating a lot of food in my afternoon bed before going Day 4 I was feeling that I Went to the gym and Was extremely sore needed to go to the worked hard next few days which gym because had ended up slowing me eaten unhealthy down what I wanted to do at the gym because I was in pain
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