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Lecture 17

HLTH 101 Lecture 17: chapter 17 pt 2

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Health Science
HLTH 101
Krish Vaidya

○ Regular exercise and weight management may lower the risk ● Osteoporosis ○ Losses in bone density become so severe that he bone will break even with slight trauma or injury Effects of aging on the body ● Hair and nails turn gray, fingernails can thicken ● Brain possible loss of functions ● The senses- hearing, taste, sight and smell can decline ● Skin- can wrinkle and age spots can develop ● Glands and hormones may drop ● Muscles strength may decline ● Immune system- less resistance to disease ● Heart and blood vessels become less efficient ● Breasts- can sag ● Lunch capacity can drop ● Kidney and urinary tract- becomes less efficient ● Digestive system- slows down ● Reproductive system- drops ● Bones and joints- wear and tear can lead to arthritis and osteoporosis Aging- important notes ● Quality of life ○ It is important to know about how long we live but, how well we live ○ Keeping life planning related paperwork in good order ● Will living will, power of attorney, financial estate planning are critical planning and helpful for a family left behind Preparing for medical crisis and the end of life ● When facing a serious life threatening illness, people have practical, realistic goals, such as maintaining their quality of life, remaining independent, being comfortable, and providing for their families ● Advance directives- documentation is more important. Otherwise, hospitals, and other institutions or family members make decisions. It becomes a major issue if family members are not available or disagree Advance directive- cont ● Health care proxy- that gives power to someone else the power authority to make health decisions on your behalf ● Living will- to indicate whether they want or do not want all
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