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Lecture 15

HLTH 101 Lecture 15: Chapter 15

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Health Science
HLTH 101
Krish Vaidya

Chapter 15 Convention and complementary medicine Chapter will help you develop skills both to identify and manage medical problems and to help make the health care system work efficiently for you Self care assessment ● Self care- one needs to learn to be a good observer of own body and assess symptoms ○ One should be able to decide when to seek help and when one can deal safely with the problem on their own ○ How to safely and effectively self treat or how to develop partnership with physicians and to carry out treatment plans ● Self assessment- symptoms are often an expression of body’s attempt to heal itself ○ Carefully observing symptoms also lets us identify signals that suggest you need professional help ○ You can also monitor your body's vital signals such as BP, blood sugar, fever, heart rate, pregnancy detection and urinary tract infections ○ This knowledge can help when to seek medical help or when to self treat Knowing when to see a physician ● Symptoms such as: ○ Severe- if the symptom is severe or intense, medical help is advised. Such as severe pain or major injury (pop in the knee can be ACL tear) ○ Unusual- if the symptom is peculiar and unfamiliar. Such as unexplained lumps, change in mole, problem with vision, difficulty swallowing, blood in urine, or sputum, or stool ○ Persistent- if the symptom lasts longer than expected. Fever for five days or cough for two weeks ○ Recurrent - if the symptom tends to return again and again. Stomach pains, backaches, headaches etc. ● Some time single symptom is accomplished by other symptom- fever with stiff neck suggests meningitis ● Emergencies such as ○ Major trauma or injury ○ Uncontrollable bleeding or internal bleeding ○ Intolerable or uncontrollable bleeding or internal bleeding ○ Intolerable or uncontrollable pain or chest pain ○ Severe shortness of breath ○ Persistent abdominal pain with nausea or vomiting ○ Positioning or drug overdose ○ Loss of consciousness or seizure ○ Stupor ○ Disorientation ○ Reaction to insect bite or to any medication especially if breathing is difficult ○ All these symptoms can result in emergency Self treatment, self medication ● Many non drug options can be easy and inexpensive ● Safe and effective ● Rest, massage, ice pack etc ● Getting rest, increasing water consumption, eating more or less or certain foods (common sense) ● Same way OTC drugs ● About 60% of all medications are sold OTC ● They should be used responsibly ● Mixing old medicine with alcohol can be fatal ● Read labels ● Do not exceed recommended dosage ● Use caution if you are taking other medications ● To select medication with one active ingredient ● Other ingredients may not be needed ● Do not use unlabeled medication ● Look for expiration date ● Store medications in cool, dry place and out of reach of children ● Use caution with aspirin ● Serious problems such as Reye’s syndrome can occur ● Aspirin should not be used if there is chicken pox or other viral illness ● Outdated aspirin that has an acidic odor should be discarded Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) ● Health care practices and products that are not considered part of conventional mainstream medical practice as taught in most medical schools and available at most US health care facilities ● Practices such as acupuncture and herbal medicines ● Non vitamin, non mineral natural products, chiropractic care ,deep breathing exercises, meditation, massage and yoga Integrative Medicine ● Refers to conventional health care practices such as physical therapy or dentistry to which CAM modality is added ● Such as hypnosis or music for relaxation ● The integrative practitioner is someone who practices conventional medicine and augments it with unconventional modalities CAM alternative- CONT ● Many consumers turn to CAM for various purposes such as lowering their cholesterol, losing weight, quitting smoking, or excha
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