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Lecture 16

KNES 297 Lecture 16: Motor Behvaior

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KNES 297
Kyle Leppert

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Objectives Define motor behavior and provide examples of how motor development, motor learning, and motor control contribute to the understanding of physical activity, exercise, sport and athletic performance Discuss areas of study in motor development, motor control, and motor learning What is Motor Behavior? Study of interactions between physiologic and psychological processes of the body Comprised of Motor development Motor learning Motor control Motor Development Study of alterations in motor behavior that result from the maturation of the individual Lifespan Stages Prenatal, Infancy Childhood Adolescence Adulthood Other adulthood Early influences Daily observation of babies Changes in reflexes, movements, and feeding behaviors Developmental psychology Recent physical education emphasis How to improve childrens motor behavior PA effects on growth and maturation Cognitive factors in skills Motor Control and Learning Motor Control The Hardware Neurologic, psychologic, behavioral aspects of movement How the nervous and muscular systems coordinate movements Motor Control The Software How individuals learn skilled movements from practice or experience Efficient motor patterns Permanent change in neural control of muscle Information processing
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