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Lecture 17

KNES 297 Lecture 17: Exercise and Sport Psychology

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Towson University
KNES 297
Kyle Leppert

Objectives ● Define exercise and sport psychology ● Provide examples of contributions to the understanding of physical activity, exercise, sport and athletic performance ● Discuss topics related to exercise and sport psychology What is exercise and sport psychology ● Study of the behavior, thoughts, and feelings or a healthy, disabled, and diseased individuals engaging in physical activity, exercise, sport, and athletic competition ○ Principles applied to both individuals and groups Exercise Psychology ● Effects of aerobic exercise on emotional responses ● Impact of biological and psychological factors in determining adherence to exercise Rehabilitation Psychology ● Influence of imagery and self- talk on recovery from an injury ● Examination of role that psychological factors play in coping with an injury Sport Psychology ● Attentional factors related to performance ● Personality characteristics that lead to success in athletics Health Psychology ● Examination of personality factors related to compliance in weight loss programs ● Effects of various behavior modification programs on the Type A behavior pattern Early influences ● Individuals trained in psychology examining factors related to PA and exercise ○ Relationships between the mind and the body ○ Normal triplett: how direct competition affected performance in a bicycle race ■ One person on a bike and tell them how to ride hard and fast ■ When another person is next to them they will end up working even harder- direct competition gives more motivation ● intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation Study of the Mind and
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