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Lecture 7

PSYC 465 Lecture 7: PSYC 361 Lecture 7

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Towson University
PSYC 465

PSYC 361 Lecture 7 Abnormal Psychology Eating Disorders • What are Eating Disorders? o Food is central to survival, but many individuals develop a skewed attitude towards eating o Eating disorders : group of disorders characterized by conflicts over food, weight, exercise, and body image ▪ Individuals may be so intensely preoccupied they have difficulty focusing on anything else ▪ Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Dx ▪ Can be seriously life-threatening ▪ Women > men, except for BED • Anorexia Nervosa o Diagnostic Criteria ▪ A – Reduced energy intake leading to significantly low body weight (no longer a specific %) ▪ B – Fear of fat, or efforts to avoid weight gain ▪ C – Disturbance in perception of body shape/size • OR undue value placed on weight • OR failure to recognize seriousness of low weight o Subtypes ▪ Restricting type • Loss through strict dieting/exercise • No binge/purge ▪ Binge-eating/Purging type • Low weight through diet and purging after binges o Epidemiology ▪ Age of onset • Bimodal – 14 to 18 years ▪ Prevalence: rough estimates • Women: 0.9% lifetime o But 0.37-1.3% subthreshold o 1% in adolescent girls • Men: 0.3% lifetime o Ratio = ~ 9:1 – women over men • Students? Athletes? o 95% college women report dieting, 22% report dieting always or often o ½ of teenagers report using unhealthy eating behaviors o 20% in elite sports – primarily seen in wrestling • Seen across many cultures ▪ Health-related Problems • Cardiovascular problems, anemia, renal system problems, osteoporosis, stunted height • 5% mortality rate o Higher than any other mental disorder • Many medical problems remain even after recovery • Bulimia Nervosa o Diagnostic Criteria ▪ A) Recurrent episodes of binge eating and feeling out of control while binging • Objective binging (vs. subjective) ▪ B) Inappropriate compensatory behaviors • Could include purging or non-purging beh
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