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Reading Education
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REED 102
Rosemary Pina- Leonard

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Identify the main religions mentioned by Armstrong. How are they alike and unlike? What idea or principle serves to unify them? The main religions mentioned by Armstrong are Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism, etc. Religions are alike in that a lot of the religions believe in not necessarily God but they pray to some type of spirit. They are different in the type of spirit they are believing and looking up to. Religions are unified when they abide by the golden rule politically meaning that they recognize that other religions besides their own are also just as important just believe in different things. Summarize Hitchen's understanding of his condition. How does he confront his diagnosis? He understands his condition and is worried but shows how he feels pity and sadness throughout it. However, he is able to stay strong and still go to his book reading, even after vomiting multiple times, and does not want to let anyone down with his own sadness. He is able to write a book and share his thoughts with other people around him. Although he does not wish to be suffering negatively and would rather it be positive he is happy he can share his feelings with others through
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