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REED 102
Rosemary Pina- Leonard

The title of the essay is "Family Values." What does Rodriguez mean by family values? According to the author, do Americans respect family values as they claim? Why or why not? Rodriguez means the background and culture you came from when he says family values. Americans do not respect family values as they claim they do. Americans seem to be very superficial and judgemental. They look to see if there are 2 incomes coming into the family, the type of sexuality of family members, and their status as a whole, etc. Rodriguez relates family values to your roots and where you came from. How does Kincaid describe her mother? Do you think she is fair-minded or biased in her perceptions? Explain. She describes her mother as emotionless and cold hearted. She explains how she does not like the life she has created and wished she was no longer living. She was able to explain another side of what her mom was like when describing her brother was sick, and this side was caring and different than before. People only had good things to say about her at her funeral which means that Kincaid probably has sort of a biased opinion. When Kincaid became a mother herself, a lot of the traits that her mom had shown she had expressed also. That is also contributing to the bias- she did not have the mother she wished for but understood everything that her mom did and the reasons why. What does Staples mean by the "power to alter public space"? What examples does he provide to explain this concept? He explains how people tend to judge others, especially in today's society black men. They have previous negative thoughts about this specific group of people, and keep these thoughts and have a bad perception. He uses t
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