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REED 102
Rosemary Pina- Leonard

What is Manjoo's thesis? Majoo talks about twitter and how it is continuing to become more popular overtime but explains how the concept of twitter is completely bizarre. He supports his thesis by posing the questions of “what is the point of tweeting?” This poses questions in people's heads for the thoughts of should we have a twitter account or is it not necessary. There are many different types of social media and communication that can be used more effectively used than twitter which is explained in the article. What is the thesis of Thompson's essay? Provide two pieces of evidence to support your answer. The thesis of this article is to show how facebook seems to rule some people's lives. People seem to get so attached to facebook and enjoy seeing other people's lives. They have a small town feeling from knowing everyone and everything that is going on in their lives which some people don’t have without the social media. People tend to have more friends on social media than they do in real life because they enjoy seeing everyone else’s information. People also tend to not know a lot of the people that are following them but they enjoy the high amount of friends or followers that they have on these social media websites. What was the role of the Internet during the Arab Spring? During the Arab Spring it seems like the internet was a place for people to post their thoughts and opinions and get back pos
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