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Towson University
Reading Education
REED 102
Rosemary Pina- Leonard

What does Martin's title lead you to expect of his essay? At what point do you realize that he takes a comic approach to his subject? The initial title leads me to believe that the essay will be about the reasons why writing is easy. I originally thought that when seeing this title it would be told in a list, almost like bulleted reasons as to why this writing is easy. In the very first introductory section, it is starting to list some of these reasons and he types random letters to explain how easy writing can be. In the essay when he gets to the first bolded section which is named location location location and he writes about how every writer should live in California, this is the start to his comedic approach. He even goes into detail with his comedy about why every writer should live in California. He continues to use this comedy throughout the essay which keeps the reader entertained. Each section talks about something else that adds more comedy to the essay. Summarize the importance of reading in Danticat's life. What affect does the reading program have on the children? The importance of reading in Danticat’s life was that it created a bond and a close togetherness. She explains that when reading to the children it was able to change her life and it gave the kids opportunities that they otherwise would not have. The reading program has a positive impact on the children. These children have basically lost everything in their lives, from family members to tangible belongings after the earthquake hit Haiti. The readings that people give, allow these children to relate to one another and be in a safe environment. The childre
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