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Lecture 2

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SOCI 101
Edith Brotman

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SOCI 101 Lecture 2 Notes▯ ▯ Early Sociologist▯ 1. Auguste Comte▯ 2. Harriet Martineau ▯ 3. Herbert Spencer - Social Darwinism▯ August Comte▯ Comte coined the term sociology ▯ • • Believed in rationality, reason, utopian, hope▯ • Believed poverty, suicide and crime would one day be eliminated▯ Harriet Martineau▯ • did some sociological work on americans culture▯ Herbert Spencer▯ • Embraced the idea on Social Darwinism: Survival of the fittest▯ • Believed that in any society there is structural movement that the best will rise to top and the worst will remain at the bottom▯ • The wealthy people liked him because he justified their position in society and they did not need to feel guilty▯ • Andrew Carnage loved him, he was born extremely poor and wanted to proved resources for the poor so they could rise to the top like he did.▯ ▯ 3 Founding Fathers▯ 1. Marx (mid 1800s) - Conflict theory▯ 2. Durkheim (late 1800s - early 1900s) - Structural Functionalism ▯ 3. Weber (late 1800s - early 1900s)▯ ▯ Marx▯ • Was extremely poor and wanted to create a perfect society▯ • He rejected social darwinism▯ • Modern Notion: History is Progress▯ • Conflict Theory: There will always be conflict between the rich and the poor▯ The wealthy want to maintain their wealth at all cost▯ • • The poor want some of the wealth▯ • Haves VS Have Nots▯ • He sees all of social world for haves to control their economic advantage▯ • Created first sociology textbook▯ • Saw himself as an anthropologist ▯ ▯ Durkheim▯ • Saw himself as a political scientist ▯ • He was interested in why people committed suicide▯ • Social Solidarity: How much stability and connection people feel to each other (support) ▯ • Found
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