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Lecture 3

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SOCI 101
Edith Brotman

SOCI 101 Lecture 3▯ ▯ Difference between Marx and Durkheim▯ -Durkheim thinks that the modern world is so different. ▯ ▯ -He wonders how society is going to stay together▯ ▯ -Structure to not have anarchy and chaos?▯ ▯ -The present is so different from the past▯ - Marx doesn't look at the past as being so wonderful. He wants there to be so much chaos that there is a revolution▯ - Marx is interested in social change, believes that status qo is a problem▯ - Durkheim looks at social change as problematic but is not against it, he thinks status qo is more reliable ▯ - Durkheim believes that the wealthy are wealthy because of what they contribute to society▯ - ex. Working at Mc Donalds VS Neuroscientist▯ ▯ Scientific Method▯ 1. Identify general topic / question▯ 2. Review Literatutre▯ 3. Formulate testable hypothesis▯ 4. Select research design▯ ▯ A. Survey research▯ ▯ B. Observation (Participant -OB)▯ ▯ C. Experiment▯ ▯ D. Analysis (Content of historical)▯ 5. Conduct study - Collect Data▯ 6. Analyze Data▯ 7. Develop conclusion▯ ▯ Dependent Variable is affected by change in independent variable ▯ ▯ Surveys▯ 1. In person - phone▯ 2.
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