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Brain,Part 1:Biology and Behavior Difference between interleaved practice and distributed practice? indicate which one is of higher utility than the other? Interleaved - is taking different topics and study them and their interactions/ relations of them together rather then studying concepts in block style distributed practice - studying over an extended amount of time ie 10-20% of time of learned material - reviewing productively every couple days distributed practice is higher utility Biology and Behavior: • human nervous system ⿞necessary for and the source of all of our behavior • Lecture objectives: ⿞function and structure of neuron ⿞electrical and chemical changes that occur when neurons communicate ⿞major neurotransmitters and primary functions • CNS (Central Nervous System) - network of nerves contained within the brain and spinal chord • Peripheral Nervous System - somatic and autonomic nervous systems gather information (sensory) integrate (information processing ) act (motor) neurons receive info,integrate,and transmit information • structure of the neuron within a neuron communication is electrical between neuron communication is chemical (in the synapse) • at rest the inside of the neuron has ore negative ions than positive ions resting membrane potential = -70 mV • as sending neuron signals sum in this region,they make ion channels open more • ions move in/out of the cell the membrane potential changes • if reaches threshold potential then
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