BIO-0014 Lecture 17: Continuation of Auxin and its effects on cells

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1. Auxin Story
a. Auxin efflux carriers
i. Versions found in both plant cells and animal cells
1. In animal cells they excrete materials from the cell
2. In plants they excrete the auxin compound IAA down the stem
from the tip to the roots
ii. Another name is PIN protein
1. PIN proteins found on the end walls of the cells
2. If you use a drug that inhibits auxin transport
a. Still produces IAA
b. Inhibits movement of it from the tip to the roots
c. Has the IAA floating around the middle of the cells
b. How cells enlarge from auxin
1. Auxin augments the size of the plant
a. There is no growth without cell enlargement
b. Growth hormone does this
2. When auxin binding proteins touches a cell that wants to grow, the
cell walls loosen
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