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Child Development
Maryanne Wolf

• Changing conceptions of self o Categorical identification  I am an athlete o Comparative assessments  I am taller o Interpersonal implications  I am better at art because I work harder • Self esteem o High self esteem linked to satisfaction and happiness later in life o Low has been linked to anxiety, depression, and maladjustment o Children in middle school judge their own worth in 2 categories  Competence  Acceptance o Older children had more differentiated self evaluations  Cognitive  Social  Physical  General self worth • Coopersmith o 3 parental characteristics combine to produce high self esteem in late childhood  Parents acceptance  Parents setting of clearly defined limits  Parents resect for individuality o Other cultures and ethnic groups attach much less weight to the importance of self esteem in their children’s development • Moral development Piaget o Involves a shift from heteronomous morality to autonomous morality  Shift takes place in context of peer activities • Playing games o Internal complex of rules  Internalized from parents o Older children 10-12 can recognize rules are agreed upon by participants and can therefore be modified • Kohlberg o 6 Stages  Stage 1-preconventional level  Stage 2 • Instrumental o Children recognize people have different perspectives o What is morally right is highly individualistic o What serves one’s own interests is moral  Stage 3-Conventional level • Good child morality o Children come to see shared feelings and agreements as more important t
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