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Child Development
Maryanne Wolf

• Family and culture o Nuclear family came from modern society o Pre-industrial families lived in extended family situations • Family and evolution o Allocaregiving  Older child cares for younger child  Preferred to have a first born be a daughter o Cooperative breeding • Parenting goals – Robert LeVine o Survival  Children will live to reproduce o Economic  Kids can grow up and support themselves o Cultural  Children acquire basic cultural values • Parenting styles o Parenting behaviors and attitudes set the emotional climate of parent child interactions o Two dimensions of parenting style  Degree of responsiveness  Degree of demandingness o Diana Baumrind identified four styles of parenting related to these dimensions of support and control  Authoritative • Demanding • Supportive • Typical parent characteristics o Set clear standards and limits for their children and are firm about enforcing them o Allow children considerably autonomy within those limits o Attentive and responsive to their children’s concerns and needs o Respect and consider child’s perspective • Child: o Competent o Self assured o Popular o Able to control their own behavior o Low in antisocial behaviors in childhood o In adolescence:  High in social and academic competence  Positive behavior  Low problem behavior • Relationship is reciprocal • High bidirectional communication  Authoritarian • Relationship is controlling • Power-assertive • High in unidirectional communication • Demanding • Low supportiveness • Parent: o Nonresponsive to children’s needs o Enforce their demands th
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