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Lecture 2

CHNS0192 Lecture 2: Lecture 2Premium

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Ning Ma

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Madeline Payne
CHNS 192
Likeliness and reality of fantastical images
山山山 classic Chinese legend; talks about geography (mythical geography); some of this was
purely imaginary; all the people living outside the central plains have fantastic images
“hybrid”: centaurs
having fantastical characteristics
one view: they’re very different from us
fox demons often presented as being sexually aggressive
fox race is similar to the monkey race
Doesn’t take into account all the factors in play or the long term effects of his decisions
However is divine because he is the reincarnation of Vishnu, and because he is said to be divine
Hanuman was the most morally pure; he is devoted to the divine mission of Rama
Does not have omniscient foresight
Male-centric story
Did Rama’s killing of Vali simply further his own gain?
山山山 race
山山山 nationality
Song wu Kong challenges the heavenly authority
Is Rama human or divine?
Morality might be questionable in modern times, but likely in the time it was written in + society
it was told in it would be acceptable to kill another as retribution for an act.
Possible that he is definitely not divine because he is not perfect the way a god should be. He
requires assistance from others in order to succeed in his goals. Surely if he was a god he
wouldn’t need help to retrieve Sita?
Seems to show disregard for the value of mortal lives – is prepared to allow Sugreeva’s entire
army to go to battle for him; destroys Ravana’s entire army in about 5 seconds etc
Ravana’s powers bestowed by the gods to make him invincible. Fitting that the only person able
to defeat him is a divine figure?
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