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office of professor is 320 Eaton Hall • the sea and relationship of Roman Empire to it • how do we get to the Roman Empire? in terms of longer range history • what came before it? because it is the culmination of the things before it • setting the context ⿞flooded land masses when strait of Gibraltar opened up again- changed the landscape,inlets and mountains coming down to the sea • the tectonic plates (african and one above are constantly moving and shifting back and forth ⿞climate of the Mediterranean - mild climate,lots of sun,blue clear water, warm/green in the winter ‣ relate to sahara dessert not necessarily the Mediterranean itself ‣ hot place has had influence on the Mediterranean ‣ Sahara dessert has enormous body of heat -heat has influence over the mediterranean dominates and influences climate - heat pushed northward ‣ growing season september - may ,all winter and spring ‣ green in winter because winds and rain shift downward into the Mediterranean ‣ potential for micro communities to grow in the mediterranean ‣ a lot of movement in the Mediterranean ‣ food is essential - much closer to daily life than in our current times ‣ ag culture - troubles in relying on weather • possibility for drought in Mediterranean ‣ ag culture not necessarily collective,it is individual ‣ famine - some people have more food or resources than others,political event not environmental ‣ world competing for scarce resources so people move around to capture those resources • egypt - ag culture takes hold and focuses on the Nile • flooding of rivers - salinization,didn't happen in Egypt Assyrian expansion - administ
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