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US Foreign Relations to 1900- September 16th 2013

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David Ekbladh

Imperial Rivalries: The view from Iroquoia - The importance of the Natives - - Black Robe- Video - - French canada mid to late 17th century - Common narrative=natives would be crushed by white civilizations - BUT natives are imperative to colonies survival - - columbian exchange: old world gets new food and plants (potatoes etc) new world get diseases (small pox) ect. - Nation reorganization - - large demographic change due to disease, caused frequent reorganization of native nations - five nations of Iroquois - powerpoint - - these form league of peace and power - French and Dutch enter Iroquois areas - Iroquois still work to dominate others for their own benefit both before and after Europeans arrive - different style of war - - take hostages, mainly women and children, and incorporate them into the tribe - different than the style of war europeans were used to - Iroquois and Europeans, although different, could interact in a mutually beneficial way - Compared to Iroquois, europeans do not control as much land. - - important to have iroquois on your side should you wage war with another countries settlements ext. - Livestock and animals in the colonies - - Pig example in class - Natives kill livestock without thought about an owner of the animal - causes tension between the two - Beaver -
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