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September 23rd

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David Ekbladh

No More King: Britons in America make a Revolution - Rule Britannia- - - We will never never never be slaves - independence vs dependence very important - aimed at france ect - rule the waves- navy - Questions - - What is a legitimate regime? - What gives the system we're in today legitimacy. - - Elections - - Americans voting for the american government, gives citizens a sense of self determination - checks politicians - People give sovereignty as opposed to given by divine rightect - King=Sovereign, checked by Magna Carta ect - Parliament= king is inparliament althoughseparate, both work to restrain each other - People= When people are upset they complain to the sovereign rather than theparliament - - Placemen- men who find a job/place for themselves in gov ect - people complain about placement to king - King punishes people because he is sovereign - This system can work- but falls apart in murica - - however in the 1760s the backwash from the seven years war destroys it in the colonies - The war was enormously expensive - The british must rule the colonies which means making them pay debts - The natives are alsoextremely pissed - 1763- british empire issues aproclamationtelling colonies no more settlement past the appalachians Proclamationof 1763 - Taxes on molasses, sugar, ect are new and therefore upsetting to colonials. - - previously collected by colonial government rather than british government - thesetaxes collected by troops - states paying to quarter troops, feed, clothe ect. - London's perspective: the british had to pay to keep the colonies running. Defense, troops ect - - Ungrateful thankless colonials - They are protecting colonies thus troops should be paid for by the colonies - Taxes- quartering acts applied to colonial assembly while stamp, tea, ect
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