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September 25th

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David Ekbladh

Revolutionary Diplomacy - Some slave found freedom by joining the British - - Ironic - Lord Dunmore - - some people fighting for freedom on the side of the British - Anyone who joins me can have their freedom - - slaves join him - angers slave holders - Declaration of Independence - - Gets more intense as it goes on - - "The king our protector has become our attacker" - "domestic insurrections" - - The king cause slave rebellions in the United States - It looks crazy to take on the British - Not very much money in the colonies - - war takes money - British took taxes from Caribbean and other colonies as well - - however, british north america is so valuable that Europe will see the potential for trade and come to help - North America can also make the things they need as far as clothing, food ect. - People risk being hung- North America has passion in this movement - Declaration looks to appeal out to other european nations - - They don't however - - Monarchs are afraid to support a rebellion against another monarch - Americans generally seem crazy - Fighting - - British see Americans as weak soldier - British come up and down the Hudson from Canada - Splitting the colonies in half through New York - American's put training center for military (West Point) right where ships turn in the hudson river - "Johnny" Burgoyne Surrenders to Gates, Saratoga, 1777 - - Disaster for the British - Americans have defeated a large army or regular troops - British strategy falls apart
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