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October 15th

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David Ekbladh

Washing ton Burning: The War of 1812 - Impressing Sailors - - Hard to get men to stay on british ships, so they force people (americans and british) to work ships - press gangs - stop american merchant ships and impress sailors - USS Chesapeake - - American military vessel - in the chesapeake bay - American ship in peaceful waters, british ship comes, fires at it, takes people, leaves. - Uproar - Sign that british don't respect american power - American Response: Embargo - - british need american trade - embargo british goods - sense of american self importance - embargo is a disaster - - Britain already moving to trade more in other areas, latin america - British don't need America - American economic slide - War of 1812 - - Madison put in a difficult position - british increasingly seizing ships - coldish war between british canada and america - Republicans - - anti british - - british still supporting native tribes ect. - agriculture centered economy - Warhawks - - want war with Britain - see fail of embargo - military at this point never over 15,000 men - - french/british more like 700,000 or 1,000,000 - Republican majority passes war bill June 18th, 1812 - - good time to go to war with Britain- Napoleon has the upper hand in that war - Napoleon- disaster invading russia - by 1814- napoleon exiled - - influences what happens in the US
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