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November 25th

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David Ekbladh

A Dirty Little War: The Philippine War and the Burdens of Empire - By the 1890s - - There's a lingering depression - 1895 - - Japan wants an empire too - Japan had modernized, defeats china - Many are looking to international markets to evade financial crisis - 1898- US gains philippines - - Easier to trade with Indonesia, australia, ect - empire= speed bump in globalization - Previously, the british made it hard to trade in their empire with "sterling zones" - In this period, americans looking to japan as an ally - - on the eve of the spanish american war- new york tribune proclaims japanese are "enlightened" ect - Spanish American War - - US had been watching events in Cuba for a long time - Spain is seen as a poor man from Europe long from it's golden age, struggling to hold on to what it still has - - multiple revolts put down by spain - Revolt in 1898 stemming from the depression - - US puts tariffs on goods like sugar and cigars ect to protect american industry - Spanish launch an aggressive, counter insurgency campaign lead by commander known as "the butcher" - - open concentration camps to control the population - - not a popular thing, but it becomes part of the tool
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