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October 30th

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David Ekbladh

The Us Civil War as an International Crisis - Mississippi Secession - - Institution of Slavery - - commerce for the south would be ruined if slavery died out - secession as a business venture - Lincoln being elected means that the US is going down the road towards african americans as equals which the south is not okay with - aimed at both the north and an international audience as well - Civil war is an International event as well - - International situation affects the outcome of the war - The South wants to keep lines of trade with other countries open - Naval Blockade - - attempting to cut the south into pieces and cut off international trade lines - North advantages - - North has financial power, confederate money still a joke - North has a strong industrial base, arsenals to produce weapons ect - South - - not industrial - look to other countries for weapons especially GB - assumption that the south can get the needed material by selling cotton ect - "Rebellion" rather than "Civil War" - If you are a central government you cannot make the rebellion legitimate - - this is why there cannot be negotiations - you do not want other countries viewing the rebellion as legitimate - This is an internal matter, thus other countries cannot as easily get involved - If you let them go, y
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