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October 28th

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David Ekbladh

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Expansion, Continentalism, and the Coming of the U.S. Civil War - Expansion - - becomes a catalyst for disunion - Article 4 (constitution) - - slaves can be returned across state borders - Louisiana Purchase - - Where does slavery go? - Civil War - - "second american revolution" - - The pieces did not come back together the same way - - Institution of slavery - 150 years after and still coming to terms with destruction of slavery ect - for a while, african americans wouldn't be slaves but still wouldn't be citizens - South knocked from a critical position in american politics - 700,000-800,000 soldiers killed, wounded, ect. Not to mention at least tens of thousands of african americans died from disease, starvation, ect - New territory - - core issue= slavery - not all southerners are pro slavery - - Appalachians - Planter class - - identified themselves, their class, by the people that they owed as slaves - immensely powerful - Many in the south made money off of slaves even those not in the planter class - Those who are pro slavery need more territory in order for slavery to expand - Polk - - fights mexican war in order to gain territory for the expansion a slavery - Oregon territory wanted by US as well - - very useful water way - British own part of oregon - - negotiate - decide it's not worth a war with the US - compromise- agree to bring down line to 49th parallel - Fair compromise - British can't colonize this area, we should take it - Americans quickly colonize that are - Cuba - - Slave state owned by Spain - Increased called to take cuba too - - 1845- southern senators - These people want to expand slavery to the south - - Even territory that can be organized for slavery without the need for slaves because of cotton ect. - - slavery for political reasons instead of agricultural reasons - "we should take cuba before the british do" - Spain can't
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