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November 20th

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David Ekbladh

The Nuptial Couch: Asia and the US role in the World - Asia is critical to international relations, trade, ect. - - Opium war with Europe opens up china and allow increased western trade with chinaE - at the end of this war american merchants are screaming for trade with china - - Chinese know that the americans can't do to them what the British did during the opium war - China realizes that it can play powers off of each other - Initially trade is not a huge part of the american economy - - lucrative for a few - however potential for the pacific unites american expansionist - - California - 1853 - - Perry's Squadron in Edo Bay - - US sends large navy force to japan to open it for trade - Japanese saw what happened to chana in the 1840s - - as they see a modern western military show up they realize that they cannot stop these people - world historical events - "Black Ships" - - japanese view of squadron - negative view - Japan begins a process of rapid modernization - US is a catalyst for change in this region even though other powers are more important - - Britain and france dominate this region and the china trade - after the civil war the unites states begins to trade more with china and send missionaries - - relatively small comported to british and french for two decades following the civil war - paradigm shift- as capacity and demand changes so the american involvement - - domestic change thats influenced by global change - 1870s- global depression - 1890s- first great depression, a depression - - gold standard emerged at this time, gold =currency for international trade - - not completely stable- great depression came out of the gold standard - - 1894- 16 percent unemployment - stays at around 12 percent for the rest of the decade - 1890s dominated by this economic crisis - - series of strikes - coal miners - railway strikes - serious issues, strikes have to be broken up by federal troops ect
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