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November 13th

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David Ekbladh

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The Paradigm Shifts: A New Diplomacy - Andrew Carnegie - - Social Darwinism - - Some people (white, rich ones) were inherently superior and thus hold power and money ect - Religious changes - - push for missionary work - show our goodness from god, especially in technology and science - push that we should share this knowledge - Missionary work becomes showing people in india, china, christianity through medicine technology ect - - missionary work---> mostly women 55-60 percent female - foreign relations-----> mostly men - Missionaries also control the way that the US sees the world. - - missionaries publish works about foreign countries, and tell of stories from abroad - covered international news unlike earlier times - sign that civil society is very important to understand how a country interacts with the world - Solid Changes in American Capacity - - Paradigm- set of assumption, patterns and attitudes of a culture during a specific time period - Beisner! - - paradigm shift at this time due to capability - New Diplomacy - - Carnegie - - Laissez faire capitalist - 1886- triumphant democracy - - capitalism post civil war, industrial capitalism will knit the nation together - individual competition allowed this to happen - works in pennsylvania for the railroads - Clerk at telegraphy office, controlled information going in and out about business - - very quickly learns what is happening business - allows him know more when he enters the business (insider trading?) - Largest steel producers in the country and then in the world - - humanitarian in some ways and not really in others - - pays workers poorly - wants wages to be lower - silicon valley - - does the same thing - people say we need more STEM but people aren't putting money towards stem they're putting money toward immigration reform so they can get cheaper labor form asia, south asia, ect. - Rockefeller -
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