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December 2nd

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David Ekbladh

A Foot in the Door: the "Open Door" in Asia - The White Man's Burden- Rudyard Kipling - - Whites must take the responsibility of civilizing the "lesser, heathen" peoples - "to search your manhood" - - To gain power, show power of the united states - - The Real "White Man's Burden"- Ernest Crosby - - White man's "civilization" is not that great - "Grab everything in sight" - - taking rather than giving - Philippines - Colony for around 40 years - Geopolitical Realities of East Asia ca. 1914 - - Syncacoos (Current eventsssss) - - both China and Japanese claim these islands - on shipping lanes - may be a lot of natural gas - Middle of a knot of powers - - China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan - Us interest as well - Chinese challenging the japanese fairly directly - History - - this area has always been a thicket - Philippines war and taking the Philippines - - 126,000 troops per year - 4200 us troops die, 5.5% casualty rate - highest next to the civil war itself - Tends to be forgotten - The philippines is in a very important area - Creates a permanent US overseas influence in asia - US has a naval redoubt in the Western Pacific - Reminder that the US will take territory and not incorporate it - Dewey defeats the philippines at manilla bay - - immediately, british and other powers come to see whats happening - Emilio Aguinaldo - - was in exile in Hong Kong - Dewey brings him back and even talks to him - The US cannot give the philippines back to the Philippine people because they "are not qualified to rule the land which they happen to occupy" - - if the US leaves, one of the European powers will take it - another reason for kiplings writing - Why can't the US take in the Philippines - - racism - - American=White - Federal government at this time saying segregation is okay - - separate but equal
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