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Building the EU Part 1

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Political Science
David Ekbladh

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 Building the European Union Origins of the European Union I. Key Terms and Names A. Konrad Adenaur B. Robert Schuman C. Jean Monnet D. Charles de Gaulle E. Walter Hallstein F. Functionalism G. Westbindung (Germany) II. Talking Points A. Why the Origins of the EU matter B. Europe in 1945: Geopolitics and Economics 1. The EU appeared After WWII a) After rise of communism, fascism etc 2. Germany in 1945 a) Militarily defeated after WWII b) WWII was different because civilians were involved much more than WWI c) occupied by 4 powers (1) France, UK, and US all working together, and the Soviet Union d) Problem: How to keep Germany from causing another world conflict (1) should Germany be completely crushed? (2) most people realized this would not solve the problem e) What did Major Powers Want for Germany? (1) US (a) Wanted Germany to recover economically (b) Marshall Plan (c) Pro European Integration (d) Emerging cold war between the Soviets and US (2) UK (a) Wanted to preserved the relationship with the US build during the war (b) skeptical about the European project (c) concerned about colonies (d) Brits did not see themselves as Europeans (e) Not one of the original six members of the European Union (3) France (a) wanted to restrain Germany (b) French-German relations were rocky i) Franco-Prussian war, nazi occupation (c) faced with the issues of being a colonial power 3. Economic Failures a) The State has f
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