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Jessica Remedios

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9/18, Social Cognition Social cognition – how we represent other people Scientist – wants to find out the right answer Lawyer – wants to find information that leads to saying, “I was right all along” Miser – is thrifty with their cognitive resources; wants to get to an answer quickly; may generate errors along the way Lawyer Confirmation bias – seek, interpret, and create information that confirms our existing beliefs Inkblots, referee calls Cognitive miser Reluctance to do extra thinking “good enough” answers are fine for many tasks The duplex mind Two parallel processing systems (1) Automatic system Lack intention No deliberate control No effort Highly efficient (2) Controlled system Knowledge structures Organized packets of information that are not stored in memory Schema Mental representations of objects or categories of objects Substantial information about a concept, its attributes, and its relationship to other concepts Scripts Schemas about certain events Define situations and guide behavior The controlled system is engaged when something about the even violates our schema (ex. ugly puppy) Controlled thinking Effortful, difficult  overreliance on automatic system Automatic systems are not smart enough to perform complex operations/reasoning/decision- making When are good enough answers not good enough? Are people really rational thinkers? (Kahneman – recently won Nobel Prize for discovering and labeling heuristics) Heuristics – mental shortcuts we use to make mental judgments Informational overload leads to cognitive errors and biases (1) Representativeness – the tendenc
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