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Jessica Remedios

10/21 Class Notes Attitudes Part 2 “Winning takes care of everything” Tiger Woods ad Katy Perry ad, heavily reliant on sexual image/celebrity endorsement iPhone ad, filled with info Minimalist ads versus not Why do we like some things and dislike others? Mere exposure effect – more often people are exposed to a stimulus, more positively they evaluate that stimulus Classical conditioning – a process of learning that involves pairing neutral stimuli with positive or negative stimuli Unconditioned stimulus (Rihanna)  unconditioned response (positivity)  conditioned stimulus (mascara) Cognitive dissonance – inconsistent cognitions arouses psychological tension that people become motivated to reduce Easiest way to reduce dissonance is to change our attitude “Boring task” study (1959, Festinger and Carlsmith) For 1 hour, participants turned square pegs ¼ to the left and right Took spools of thread off a board and replaced them Then told to tell next participant (confederate) that the study would be exciting with compensation of $20 or $1 (IV) (Also a baseline group that didn’t have to lie at all) Insufficient justification $1  greater enjoyment rating of study Participants “changed” their attitudes in order to match up more with their behavior We like things that we suffer for Aronson & Mills sex words initiation study (1959) – severe initiations led to greater enjoyment Do attitudes predict behavior? Class survey questions (ex. about importance of doing something about climate change now versus actually taking actions addressing climate change as an individual) Saying versus doing Theory of planned behavior (ajzen, 1991) Attitude/subjective norm/perceived control  intentio
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